Learning the Differences Between New and Well-Established Casinos

One of the greatest advantages of new online casinos is the fact that their operators have already studied the market and their competitors. They also know how to use their competitors’ most successful strategies to reach success faster and easier. Older, more established casinos have learned to update software and technology to compete regardless of how strong their player-base is.

Choosing between new and older online casinos can be a little tough, thus making it important to learn and know the differences between them. It’s a competitive market and everybody wants you to join them. We have some reasons why you should!

Casino Themes and Playability 

New casino sites are not bound by the laws of history, so they are free to choose their themes, graphics, the library of games, advanced technologies, payment options and many more. The development of a new casino means that there is something different being brought to the table: new games and casino events that may draw the attention of players interested in something new. Players tend to grow tired of seeing the same casino themes and colours, hearing the same sounds and music or being rewarded with the same loyalty bonuses every week. The newer casinos have that leverage over the older ones.

Website Design 

Old casinos are usually unassuming as they have been around for decades and they bring nothing new to the table. They usually make little to no changes in their design and player interface in a desire to stick to their brand. On the opposite end, new casinos are filled with exciting new elements and features waiting to be discovered. Why not try something new.

Casino Pay-outs 

Old casinos have nothing to hide and they are straightforward with their wagering requirements, withdrawal limits and payments. They are capable of larger cash pay-outs compared to new casinos and this may work in their favour when it comes to players. New casinos may limit their withdrawals at first (which may be a bit of a marketing strategy). This is why it is important to only join new casinos that we have personally tested and found to be reliable and safe to join.  

Player Reviews

Well-established casinos have accumulated many casino reviews, both positive and negative. These are useful for deciding whether or not they are worth joining. New casinos have few players who have not yet accumulated any unpleasant experiences so you may find fewer reviews to base your decisions on. 

Game Selection 

Older casinos come with lush game libraries and they usually provide players with all known variants of table and card games, along with the best real money slots. New casinos will take their time building their selection of games and figuring out what players want. Wouldn’t you want to play on a casino online that is tailored to you? 


More established casinos employ thousands of people and they are public entities with strong licenses issued by highly trustworthy bodies in the industry. They have built their reputation over many years and they know there is too much at stake to make any mistakes or leave anything to chance. New casinos, on the other hand, are working at building a name and reputation for themselves and they may seem less reliable but this is only because they are new.


Always read casino reviews for each new site you are interested in joining. Paying close attention to the information concerning casino security will definitely benefit players in the long run. Keep in mind that time is does not a good casino make. Lots of new gambling sites belong to well-known casino groups that have a great reputation and morale. 

Pay-Out Percentages

The average pay-out percentage of each casino is audited each month by third-party experts and it refers to the percentage that a certain machine has been programmed to pay. A 97% pay-out percentage means that for every $1 wagered by a player, the casino will profit $0.03. On average, an online pokie machine has an average pay-out of 93% to 98%. The pay-out of every casino game is found on the pay-table and it can be accessed with the help of the info icon within each game.

Choosing An Online Casino Site

To get a better understanding of the way each casino is assessed, here are a few of the main elements to be taken into consideration: 

  • Licensing and regulation

Carefully reviewing all licensing information for each casino and making sure they obey all industry regulations and legislation requirements is important. We recommend licensed and authorized casinos that are periodically audited and tested by certified bodies and experts.

  • User Interface 

Looking for casinos with fast and friendly user interfaces are key.  

  • Bold new player bonuses

We prefer to introduce you to those casinos that offer the best casino bonuses for newbies. A no deposit, free spin, welcome bonus or match bonus can make a world of difference when deciding whether to join a certain casino or not.

  • The newest casino games

Rest assured you will come across titles from the most prestigious casino software developers ever upon joining a new online casino. RTG, Playtech or NetEnt are just a few of the biggest developers responsible for the hottest pokies and other exciting online casino games such as online blackjack, video poker or roulette. 

  • Payment methods 

New casinos online usually accept new banking methods such as Neosurf, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as a means of keeping up with the latest trends and embracing the safer and more advanced online payment methods. Bitcoin casinos or Neosurf casinos feature the largest amount of versatile banking options with both classic and modern features for making deposits and withdrawals.

  • Friendly and efficient customer service

All new online casinos recommended feature friendly and easily accessible customer support via live chat, email or phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

We hope that tis guide has given you enough information to make lucrative and well-informed decisions about the next online casino game that you play online. Factor I the important stuff and get acquainted with the finer details. Get to know the casino that you have chosen and have some fun.