Online Banking


Although banking online had been previously viewed with tremendous suspicion, today it emerges as one of most trusted, quickest and easiest way of transferring one’s funds. This in retrospect is due to phenomenal improvements that have been made by the various online money transfer companies. In truth, the online casino payment options that are currently available are so accessible to users from the comfort of your own home that you would have absolutely no reason to go to a bank and have to wait in a long queue just to transfer funds to your preferred online casino.


SID Instant EFT is a secure online banking system that has created a banking gateway beyond the use of a credit card. This revolutionary banking method allows for you to make payments directly from your bank account without waiting for your funds to clear and SID Instant EFT has bank-level security which protects each transaction you make.

SID Instant EFT is available for use online and because of SID Instant EFT’s ease of access, it is one of many online banking systems that have played a large role in modernising South African casino’s banking methods. Independently monitored and verified by leading security specialists, you’re sure to have peace of mind when utilising this banking tool in South African casinos online!

How Does SID Work?

Since 2007, SID Instant EFT has been South Africa’s most trusted online payment method. With a hassle-free attitude towards banking making it easier for shoppers and online casino players to transfer cash privately and securely.

Transfers using South Africa’s favourite mobile and online payment app can be done in 5 easy steps:

  1. Select the SID payment method in your chosen online casino.

South African online casinos have incorporated the SID Instant EFT payment option to accommodate for your credit free transactions.

  • Select your bank.

Popular South African banks such as FNB (First National Bank), Nedbank, Standard Bank and ABSA support online transactions made via SID Instant EFT to online casinos in South Africa.

  • Head to your pre-existing online banking account and log in.

This step is required to ensure that the SID Instant EFT transaction you’re about to make has the correct details. Logging into your internet banking profile allows SID Instant EFT to link to your existing bank account directly without any meddlesome middlemen – so your details remain private.

  • Choose the bank account from which you want to make the transfer (that’s if you have multiple).

If you are the type of person who has multiple bank accounts, you may want to select one to use for your transaction. Don’t worry – you can change up accounts whenever you’d like to make a transaction! You’re not limited to the first one that you have selected.

  • Reply to a push message that your bank has sent to you OR Enter the One Time Pin (OTP) that has been provided to you for security reasons.

Security is key when it comes to electronic transfers made via SID Instant EFT. Correspondence is between you, SID Instant EFT and your bank. So go ahead and respond to that push message or enter the OTP.

And voila! Transaction complete! Pretty quick, eh? We know. It’s amazing!


The internet is a beautiful place that can also be a little dangerous if you are not cautious with your details. Making use of the most advanced security features available on the internet, SID Instant EFT links directly to your internet banking service.

SID Instant EFT doesn’t store your internet banking details because YOU log into your personal bank and SID Instant EFT just automates the process of filling in your transaction details (such as the transactions amount, bank charges etc.) and only keep your account number for refund purposes. Otherwise, no third parties or middlemen can access or operate your internet banking systems using the information obtained by SID Instant EFT.

Haven’t received an OTP via SMS?

Easy fix. Simply check to see if your SIM card is properly inserted, restart your mobile device and ensure that the SIM card’s phone number is registered with your bank. Sometimes, OTP’s can come in a later than anticipated or your SIM card’s network service provider may be going through some connection issues.

If either of these are not the case on your side, do note that some banks send USSD push messages that require you to reply to them. This is a security measure that is preferred by some banks when authorising transactions. Check again in a few seconds and take the necessary steps from there.

Just how much time do these transactions take?

Transactions made with SID Instant EFT are instant! It’s all in the name! No waiting period or arguing with banks about time. Transactions are cleared immediately so you can make your deposits into your favourite online casinos in South Africa there and then! Bet safely now.

It’s really that easy? What’s the catch?

There’s no catch! SID Instant EFT is free to use and mobile compatible! Choose SID Instant EFT for a simple, quick and safe way to transact.


Have the freedom to make quick and easy transactions online without having to worry about your privacy with ecoPayz. ecoPayz supports 10 currency accounts and 45 currencies so you can send and receive that ching ching instantly and safely at any time from almost anywhere in the world.

ecoPayz provides end-to-end card and account based payments safely and instantly! ecoPayz has become a popular online casino banking platform as it wastes no time processing your winnings and game deposits. Just login, verify and bank! ecoPayz are Members of and Accredited by some of the best in the game such as UK FCA, Mastercard, PIF, plus they are Payment Card Industry & Data Security Standards compliant ensuring that your funds are safe and secure from these UK – based banking pros.

How do I get started?

First thing’s first; you need to know that registration is completely free. Signing up costs nothing at all so register an account! ecoPayz is accessible on a variety of web browsers from Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox to Internet Explorer/Edge and Apple Safari. During the registration process, you’ll be asked to set up a security question. Setting up a security question ensures that you can reset your password at a later date if you no longer deem it viable of if you’ve just forgotten it. Once that’s all done, you can login and get banking!

How can I set up a good password?

ecoPayz has simple protocols for setting up a good password without over-the-top requirements so you can keep your raccoon’s toenail and Angel hair – they’re not necessary over here.  Note that remembering this password is on you so make each character count!

Here are a couple of tips on how to create the perfect password:

  1. Avoid The Obvious

Things like ‘P@ssw0rd1’ or your name & surname combo or your email address – not so wise.

  • Always Use Numbers, Letters And Symbols

Substituting numbers or symbols that look like certain letters into your password give it some strength e.g. 8 = B, ! = 1, 3 = E and so on and so forth.

  • The Longer, The Better

Creating a long password that is memorable to you increases its strength 1000 fold.

  • It Must Be Something Only You Know

Your password has to be something only you know. It could be a phrase, your favourite sports team or a sequence of numbers that are memorable to you.

  • Change Your Password Often

Because you’re using a banking program, changing your password often keeps all your information safe and secure under your supervision. If you have forgotten your password, simply start the password recovery process and follow the instructions given.

What is an ecoVirtualCard?

The ecoVIrtualCard is a single-use online card virtual card that is linked directly to your ecoPayz account that you can cancel anytime. You can add or remove funds from this card at any time and if you have forgotten your ecoVirtualCard details, they’re always available on your ecoPayz account.

How does the 2-Step Verification keep my account safe?

The 2-step verification links your bank account to your ecoPayz account and allows you to approve or disapprove transactions. The ecoPayz security system lets you know that a transaction is being made. If you do not recognise that transaction, you can disapprove it, giving you control of your account at all times.  

How can I send and receive money?

You can deposit some cash into your ecoAccount via Credit or Debit card, by using local deposit methods or via an International bank transfer. One you’re logged into your ecoAccount, click on the “Deposit Funds” tab and follow the simple instructions. Bonus: Sending and receiving money with ecoPayz is instant! For any queries or compliments, you can call the 24/7 customer service centre.

Is ecoPayz really what it says it is?

A secure banking option that lets you send and receive money instantly in various currencies globally? Yes.


Cash deposits are accepted by most online casinos and when you deposit your money, it goes straight into your personal casino account. This is where you winnings are deposited. When you are ready to withdraw your winnings, the cash can be deposited directly into the card account that you used to originally deposit with.

How to Make a Cash Deposit Online

Once you have chosen the account that which you want to use, you can now fund your casino account and withdraw your winnings from a compatible casino. Here’s how:

  1. Log into your online casino.
  2. Choose cash deposit as the banking method.
  3. Add the details of the account that you want to use. This requires you entering your banking details into the online casino’s secure player database. Some casino’s require you to send some documentation for security measures. Make sure that all email addresses are for the casino to ensure that your details are going to the right place.
  4. Click on the Banking tab of the casino’s website.
  5. Click the ‘Deposit’.
  6. On the new screen, click the cash deposits logo. This could be a debit card, Visa, Maestro or Mastercard.
  7. In the new screen, enter the amount of money you would like to deposit, your card number, expiration date, CVV number, and any other details that re required.
  8. Click Deposit to Account and enter the verification code sent to you either via SMS or push message.
  9. And BAM! Just like that, you’ve loaded your casino account with come cash!

Withdrawing your winnings is just as easy at South African casinos that support debit card withdrawals which is why this banking method has increased in popularity so much over time.

Do South African online casinos accept cash deposits?

Definitely! The payments made via cash deposit are very fast and there is very little risk of being charged unnecessary fees and funds. Several South African online casinos encourage players to use cash deposits by offering unique bonuses tailored to cash depositors, and even encourage players to use the same method for their withdrawals because large amounts can be withdrawn plus withdrawal times for cash depositors only take a few days to be processed.

Can deposits be made in my national currency?

They certainly can. When making cash deposits into your online casino account, you can use your national currency, which is ZAR in South Africa. Fun Fact: ZAR is an abbreviation for Zuid-Afrikaanse Rand.

What about withdrawals?

Your winnings can be withdrawn and converted into ZAR! Withdrawals go straight into your account for you to enjoy within a matter of 3 days!


Bank Transfers and Cash Deposits are two banking methods that are very similar. South African online casinos use Bank Transfers as an easy way to put some moolah into your casino account. This method of banking is secured by the lack of a third party. You can conduct an internet bank transfer from the casino into your bank account to collect your big wins or from your bank account into your selected South African online casino account in the form of a deposit. Some online casino accounts may not be compatible with certain banks so be sure to check out your bank’s compatibility with your online casino.

Why use Bank Transfers at online casinos?

Large amounts of money can be transferred form a South African online casino to your bank account and vice versa, making bank transfers a brilliant option for high rollers and big winners. Sometimes, online casinos offer greater incentives and casino bonuses to players who use bank transfers as a payment option. On top of that, bank transfers are one of the safest methods you can use at a casino online.

Are there fees associated with Bank Transfers? 

Yes – when using bank transfers as a payment options, you will have to pay some fees which are dependent on where you live. Please note that fees associated with outgoing transfers tend to be larger than those associated with incoming cash.

Why are Bank Transfers so popular?

Accessibility is not an issue where major banks are concerned as all major casinos have to accommodate this method. Bank transfers are also boundless, giving you access to a global casino gaming spectrum.

How long does it take for Bank Transfers to be processed?

Bank Transfer time takes a little longer than e-wallets. This is something that online casino players tend to have complaints about but it is one of the safest methods. Provided that all the information given is accurate, a bank transfer would typically take place in 3 to 5 days.

Some say that Bank Transfers are the safest to use. Is this true?

Bank transfers are as safe as banks themselves.  Because of its global popularity and reach, big spenders from around the world will find bank transfers to be suited to their needs because of the large sums of funds which they are able to transfer safely via this method and the low transfer fees.


Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that players can use to transact at online casinos. Cryptocurrency is another word for ‘digital currency’. It was first mentioned in 2008 and was created to function as a medium of exchange which does not rely on tangible or central authorities. That practically means that there is no middle man or bank within which transfers are made between you and online casino accounts. Using Bitcoin can instantly link you to some exclusive casino bonuses and deals just because you use cryptocurrency.

Where Bitcoin stands with regards to online casinos in South Africa.

There is no difference in playing casino games when you use Bitcoins. The only difference is in the way your transactions are processed.

Firstly, you need to buy Bitcoins at a Bitcoin exchange and store them in a Bitcoin wallet. Popular wallets for Bitcoin online casinos include Hive Bitcoin Core (otherwise known as BitCore), Multibit and Bitgo. Once they are in your account you can use them to play your favourite casino games at any time.

What kinds of Bitcoin Wallets can I choose from?

There are a few different types of Bitcoin wallets to choose from:

  • Desktop
  • Mobile
  • Online
  • Hardware

Getting a Bitcoin e-wallet is stress-free. You can choose to buy one or chose from an array of free ones, sign up, set a password and you’re good to go.

Just how legal is all of this?

With regards to online casinos, Bitcoin is still considered as a payment method. In South Africa, Bitcoin is not yet considered as an official currency but this does not mean that this is not an ingenious trade method. Fun Fact: Bitcoin has already been accepted as legitimate currency in the US and also China.

How do Bitcoin transactions work?

  1. Verify your Bitcoin account.
  2. Sign into your e-wallet
  3. Send and receive to and from the online casino bank.
  4. Done and dusted!

Using a debit card to fund your online casino account is a really convenient and easy way to do it. These work in a similar way to credit cards, except that rather than using money that is loaned to you, you can use the money that is already in your bank account. First used in the year 1970, debit cards used to be linked to personal accounts in the same way that cheques were. They were a promise to pay a vendor at a later stage. Of course now, these cards transfer cash from your account immediately and they have become one of the faster and safest ways to make payments. There are two different types of debit card namely, the Visa Electron card and MasterCard’s Maestro card.

What are the benefits of making cash deposits?

Debit cards also work with your own bank account, so unlike a credit card which you would need to pay off, any payments you make using your debit card comprise real cash that comes from your bank account. This means that when you withdraw at the casino, the money goes straight into your pocket, rather than to the bank to pay off a debt. Additionally, using a debit card to play at a South African casino puts a cap on your spending. There is no need to worry about going overboard and getting yourself into a mountain of debt. Once your daily limit is reached, you won’t be able to make any more deposits.

Finally, one of the benefits of using debit cards is that many of South Africa’s banks these days do not charge a fee on each individual transaction. Rather, they charge you a monthly fee for keeping your account open. This means you could, in theory, deposit at the casino ten times in one day without incurring any extra fees, though be wary, this could bring up your bank’s online fraud alert warning.